I started by reading Simplify the Internet. When reading that something caught my eye it was the words-it never ends, and our connection to it is consuming more and more of our time. This caught my eye because how it talks about the Internet and how it is consuming more and more of our time. That to me is very true. When you look at someone that hasn’t had the internet there entire life they are the people that grew up with typewriters and used snail mail to communicate with people. Now a days all we would have to do is either get on our Facebook page and send someone a message or we could even get on our email and email that person. Also we are getting to the point where we are trying to go paperless. What that means is everything is now on the computers. This site also had a list of complications that made people demand their time on. The list that they have kind of surprised me with some of the things that they have on there. One of the things that they have on there is tools for learning like Code Academy, Khan Academy, Duolingo  .

Disconnecting from tech for three days-

This title caught my eye and I wanted to know more about it. I think that it’s going to be interesting to see how teens did being disconnected from tech for three days. I wonder how many of us could be disconnected from our tech devices for three days. When reading this article something stuck out to me when I read the first paragraph and how it said that many adults could remember when they didn’t have digital devices and that in the younger era it would be hard for them to give it up and actually socialize. It would show all kinds of emotions.  I think that it would be hard for our generation to go three days without a device. I know it would be hard for me, because then I wouldn’t be able to call my mom whenever I wanted to and I also couldn’t text her. I know when I was growing up I always talked with my friends and we always talked about what kind of phones we would want to get. Well then some of those friends had phones before me and that made me feel really sad.

Ted Talk: Paul Miller. Paul had disconnected from the internet for a year. He was 26 when he had done that. He had felt very overwhelming. He was 12 when he first started using the internet. I thought that his talk about quitting the internet was very interesting. I think that if you are feeling very overwhelmed or something that you feel you don’t have time for then you should stop doing what you are doing.

How the internet uses me is that I use the internet to help me come up with lesson plan ideas and also I can stay connect to people that I don’t really see all the time.



Daily create week 3

Week 3

I know this is a bit late, but I was working on it and had to finish it. Hope that you all like what I did with my daily creates

Streetview or interesting spot in the world that you may never visit. For mine I picked a street view in Florida. Because I have never been there and I don’t know when I will be able to go.

Monday: 10-24








Tuesday 10-25

Trip to the moon


Wednesday 10-26


Thursday 10-27-activating Fleming college

Don’t do it! Learn it! Learn better by interacting and having hands on material. #diglitclass

Friday 10-28: finish the sentence

A dentist is found dead in a locked room. Next to her is a grand piano and a courageous orc. Can you explain what happened?

The dentist was a grand piano player and was very courageous what she did. She died of a heart attack doing what she loved best.

Saturday 10-29:cute clowns


Sunday 10-30:

Language: Japanese
Meaning: The interplay between light and leaves when sunlight shines through trees.

Digital activism

I didn’t realize how using social media would make a difference in peoples lives. That was until I started to learn about it. Teen activism is every where on social media. That is part of the reason why their are some many issues that are bringing attention to people. When people are creating a twitter page, facebook page or any other social media site. Some people use them to hurt others and that is not what they are supposed to be used for. I can tell you this that when you watch the news you see things come up about someone being bullied on facebook by their friends. I don’t really watch the news all that much unless I’m at home and that’s what my dad has the tv at that time.

When thinking about all this I didn’t really think that I would be part of it, but I am part of some of the digital active areas. I do post on facebook. I have seen people donate to Gofundme accounts. I however have never donated to that. I know that in some cases I should have, but if I would have donated to the person that had the gofundme then I would donate to them personally and not threw an online site. I know that it might get the the person, but I still don’t trust some websites.

I also learned that Digital Activism can focus on a lot of issues whether those issues be small ones or big ones. The ones that we see now a days are bigger than usually and have to do with cyber bullying. When thinking about other issues that are happening I think a lot about the election coming up and how people are acting with who is running. You will see on social media sites people expressing their own opinions and things that could be wrong about the candidates. We never see what is good. I think that we should all try and not be so negative on social media sites for a week and see how much positivity we can get.

So I have a challenge for everyone and that is to post at least one nice thing on a social media site that you use for at least a week. Lets see is we can block some of the negativity out. Or if you don’t want to do that and you can’t think of something nice to say just don’t say anything mean at all.

ILP update

I have been working on my ILP a little bit since the last time we had to post about it. While working on my ILP I have noticed that my cursive is getting better. I also have been doing research on why we don’t teach cursive anymore. Like I said before there are only seven states that want to keep cursive in the schools. Those states are Utah, California, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, North Carolina. All these states say that by keeping cursive in the schools that it helps with distinguishing literature.

I think that we should at least teach the basics of cursive handwriting, so that kids know how to write a check when they go to write checks when they are older. Also this would help them sign their name when they are supposed to sign it in cursive. I also think that it would help kids with penmanship. I know that with me learning how to write in cursive when I was younger it has helped me with how I make my letters normally. Also this will help students understand what a teacher puts on their paper when they get a grade back from something and the teacher writes a note. There are still teachers out there that are writing notes on homework that is in cursive. If you as a student don’t know what it’s saying then you might not know what they are asking for if you have to make corrections.

I found this one website that I think it very good. It was saying how generations now are all about the online world. We would rather type something out than use a piece of paper to to write it down. By using the online typing way this will help them I would say if they don’t know how to spell a word and it will also make sure all their words are spelled correctly.

I would like to ask you guys how you fell about this quote:

Cursive should be allowed to die. In fact, it’s already dying, despite having been taught for decades. – Morgan Polikoff

In my opinion I don’t think that cursive should die. I think that we should still be able to teach cursive because there are other things out there that are pointless to teaching or that are also dying, like music and art are starting to become something that is dying. They aren’t hiring for those jobs and teachers are having to teach their students art and also teach them about music.


Reflection about learning

When we started this class I knew that there was going to be a lot things that needed to be done. I had thought to myself that I will be able to do everything that she ask me to do and I will try and do more. Well when we started the class I was fine and then I started to getting busy with my other classes and I honestly kind of forgot that I had this class and that we had things due by Sundays, so I made a goal for myself that I would get everything done by at least Thursday if not Friday. I wasn’t going to wait till Sunday to do everything. That has helped out a lot. I think that the class is meeting my expectations very well, I enjoy doing tweets. Even though I don’t really know what to write for some of them. I also enjoy learning more on others peoples blogs or other educator blogs. The most interesting module for me so far would be the daily create and also the independent learning module. The daily create module is very interesting and I have enjoyed doing it. I just have been slacking and haven’t done mine for awhile. I would also have to say that the daily create is the more challenging module, because you do have to remember to do the daily create. I hope to learn more from my peers and what they are interested in learning the second half.

Googling myself

When I went on to google and typed in my name. The things that popped up were my facebook, twitter and instagram accounts. It was a little weird to see those pop-up and then I went and clicked images and my profile picture that I have on my twitter was the only image that I found in images. I think it’s weird how you can google yourself and can see what sites you use. For my future employee’s they can see my facebook page and also my instagram and twitter accounts. I have nothing to hide on any of them. This was a very interesting assignment to have us do.