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When I was looking over all of my blogs that I had post. I say somethings that I don’t know if anyone else really saw. I know that when I first started to write my blogs I didn’t usually make it to the 400-word count mark. I did struggle with that for the first couple of weeks. I also struggled with reading all the assignments or watching all the videos we needed to watch. I can say tough that when I started to ready the comments that people were posting on my blogs is was making me feel better about how my blogs were. I also would try and comment right back if someone posted something on my blog. I had a trouble time at the beginning in waiting till the last day to comment and then reply to people on my blog post. People may think that it’s easy to get 400-words, but really it’s not that easy. I didn’t want to copy things out of articles that I had read or words that were said in Ted talks, but sometimes I had to and then I have to remember to cite my sources so that it didn’t look like it was plagiarized.

Growth on my writing and also growth in my tweeting. I saw growth in my blog post after mid-terms was over and I got feedback saying that I needed to write more. So once I started to write about the blog post that we were assigned I figured it out that if I think of something that I don’t want to say in the blog post that I can post in twitter and that will help with my tweets for the week. For the tweets you can only write a certain number so I found it helpful that if I had a lot to say about one things that I put a bunch of tweets about that one thing. I also tried and did better in the second part of the semester about looking at the questions that were assigned under the tweets and start tweeting about them. My tweeting grew by me answering those questions that were assigned in multiple ways and multiple times. Also my growth in the overall class I felt that I started to comment more on my peer’s blog posts and also reply back on the feedback that they had given me. When I was taking notes about what growths I had through all the weeks. I believe that I have really grown in the writing part with my blogs. I know that at the beginning like I said I didn’t write a lot, but once I had that feedback. I feel like I was able to put more effort into my writing. I mean I did put a lot of effort into my writing before, but I feel like as the weeks were winding down I started to think of more things to write and it just started to flow.

The things that I have learned over the course has been a lot, I have really enjoyed learning about everyone’s Independent learning projects and see how everyone has been progressing of the course from when we first started them. I know when I started mine had learned a lot, because I didn’t think that there were any states that still had cursive in the schools, but when I did my research and found out that there were seven states that still had it I was very surprised. I also was surprised by how many people were agreeing with me when I said that cursive should be in the schools. I also have learned from all the Ted talks and other articles that we read or even watched that this can be implemented into our own classroom someday. I know that when we did the daily creates that if I ever teach in an upper elementary setting that I might have my students do that for part of their language arts. I think that it would be interesting to see what they come up with. Also with learning from everyone else blog posts that they did I have learned some new things that I could possibly take and to when I become a teacher. I know that I can have the students do a blog post every week and then have their classmates comment on them for feedback. That would not only help them, but it would give them something other than writing in journal. They would be able to keep a blog. Some other things I liked about from this course is that it was a very interactive course. Whether is have been through when we were blogging, or when we were tweeting. We were always commenting on others post and I think that is what helps people become better at things. I know that is what has helped me with this class.

Other things that I had saw while had been doing the work in this course is that I didn’t want to rush what we had to get done for this class. I know that we were told that we could take our time, but I didn’t want to take too much time and not get everything done that I needed to get done. I also noticed that when my peers commented back on my blog post that it was the same people commenting each time. I don’t know if that should be a good thing, but I enjoyed what they had to say about my post. I took what they had to say and turned around and tried to write another blog post that could be just as good as the one that they read before.

When I first started this class I thought that it was just a lot of busy work, but once we started to do things and we were getting feedback from each other I didn’t think that anymore. I really enjoyed this class and I know when I become a teacher that I will probably have my students do some of the things that we learned in this class. I also really enjoyed following other educators other than the people in the class. Then we could see what they said in a blog post. I enjoyed learning and had a great time blogging and tweeting.

Zen stones
Zen stones in water


I have been an innovative learning by remember what my talents are and put them to the test. By putting them to the test I have been making sure that I keep and always try and write more when writing my blog post and also writing all of my papers that I have had to write.
Being an innovative learning you are making sure that you are focusing on what is possible today and what it could lead to for tomorrow. When being an innovative learning you have to make sure that you have leadership and that you are always trying to take risks and also explore new opportunities.
 A quote that I thought was interesting in the article from the mindset of innovative learning was, “I listen and learn from different perspectives, because I know we are much better together than we could ever be alone. I can learn from anyone and any situation.” To me this quote is saying that being an innovative learner you have to be up for different perspectives and also any situation is something that you want to learning from by anyone. Also this quote is something that i want to look at and remember when working on my work.
Unlearning something isn’t about what you have been learning it’s about seeing the things that are different. It’s also about how technology works and helps transform our own learning to practice. Something that I’m going to be remembering when I go into teaching is that students will need to practices at the same pace. This will show how students that love to learn at their own pace that they will excel at the things they like to do.
A quote that I liked from this article was, “we need to unlearn the practice that teaches all students at the same pace. Is it any wonder why so many of our students love to play online games where they move forward at their own pace?” This quote says a lot about what teachers need to look for in their students. I feel like that if you let your students work at their own pace you will see how well they understand the concept that you are teaching.
When reading these two articles I feel that it has helped me a little bit on what I need to be looking for when I start teaching. I will remember to let me students work at their own pace, but making sure they are understanding what they are doing is something that is very important.