Classroom Metaphor

When thinking of what I could do for my classroom metaphor. I really wanted to express something that would help with hands on students. So I was brainstorming ideas that could work. I came up with a couple of them, but the one that I thought would really work is art studio on the classroom.

With the art studio idea I thought that kids could work on homework with using colors or even paint their homework. This way we aren’t just using a pencil we are doing things in color. This will also help hands on students they can finger paint and be able to fell the paint and see that its cold and has a different texture than what pencils or crayons have.

I want my classroom to feel like an art studio because it will help students become more creative and they will also be able to work with different art supplies to do their homework. I think having an open mind and being creative is one thing that I will make sure is happening in my classroom. I don’t want no student to not understand something or not be able to come up with an idea for a project. Having a creative mine and being creative are two different things. Not everyone is creative. So for my students that need a little help with the creativeness this is a way that will help them.

My ideal classroom would be set up so that the students don’t face my desk they will be facing the whiteboard. Then in the back of the room not to class to my desk will be station that they will be able to work at that will help them have an open mind and that they can be creative. That were they “art studio” will be at. I think that this will help them students, because it won’t be set up like a normal classroom would be. I would have different stations each quarter that represented a different thing in an art studio.

Hyper linked is my digital story that I did about the art studio. I hope that you guys like it. I added some pictures in there so it wouldn’t be so dull. Since its all about being creative and having an open mind. I know that it was hard for me at first to come up with something to do my digital storytelling over, but once I figured something out it was easy to roll with it.


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