Reflection on ILP

What I learned about doing the Independent learning project is that it would be great to do with like this in my classroom if I have third grade or even fourth grade. I think that if you do anything younger they might not understand what they are supposed to do. I also learned that when you pick something for Independent learning project that it should be something that nobody else has done before and that you are willing to put forth the time to do it.

It wasn’t easy trying to stay motivated when working on my ILP, because it was something that I haven’t done and that meant I need to get right into things and figure out what I was going to do and also how I was going to make sure that I kept doing it. I know that some other people probably had harder ones than me, but trying to reteach yourself how to write in cursive isn’t very easy. I don’t always write in cursive so this was a challenge for me. Also making sure I did research to what I was doing and things that I said, like when I said in one of my blogs that there are states that still do cursive. I had to research and find those states. I didn’t want to give people unknown facts or facts that weren’t true. I would say that my independent learning project was very challenging. I was looking up on google most of the time how to write a certain letter in cursive, because I either didn’t remember or I just need to refresh my memory on how to right that letter. I know some of the letters were more challenging than others. I thought that when writing out an entire sentence was going to be easy, but it wasn’t I had to take my time and make sure you could tell what letters were what.

The best part about this project was that I just retaught myself something that I did when I was in either third or maybe fourth grade. Now I will be able to teach my students in the future. I think that with teaching students how to do this it will be easier for them to sign their names and if they have to write something out in cursive it will be easier as well. I thought this projects was a great way to reteach your mind. I really enjoyed working on this project and I’m going to try and keep writing in cursive so I don’t forget how.


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