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When I was looking at the two articles that we had to read and all the different things that each of them had on there. I knew what a few of them were. I think for my independent learning project I’m going to try and create a comic strip that will show how students learn how to use cursive. I think that it will be a fun and interesting way in showing how to use cursive. For each of the word bubbles I will write things out in cursive just so show my progress and how I have been working on getting better. Then I might as friend to do maybe just a two different bubbles and then we will be able to compare their cursive to mine cursive.

I thought that by using a comic strip I could use that in my classroom when teaching different things to students. We could make it look like the people in the comic strip are learning the exact same thing as what we are learning or something that we may learn later on. Something that was challenging about doing a comic strip I think is going to be able to find or draw well enough that people understand what I’m trying to do. Also I think that it’s going to be challenging just trying to make a comic strip. I don’t know if I will use the app or if I will go and print off a template and draw in my pictures on the template. Then I will be able to write in cursive on the piece of paper and just take a picture and post it in my blog or on twitter for everyone to see. Something else that is going to be challenging is that I don’t have a Mac so when I clicked on the comic book app one I would have to pay $2.99 for it and also download itunes on my computer. So I went to the app store on my phone and found a comic book app that was free to use. I didn’t find one that I could make a comic strip. So I think I’m just going to print one off for when I use it for my independent learning project. But I did however make a Bitstrip. I made myself a bitmoji. I think these things are so cool. My friends and I all have one and so do my parents and brother. We send them to each other all the time. I would use bitmoji in my classroom to allow my students to make of there own on their Ipads that are give to them by the school.

bitmojiI thought that this really showed cursive and also how back then they also used feathers for writing.


9 thoughts on “Online creation tools

  1. I agree, it was disappointing to find so many comic tools have a cost. When I had my 5th graders try to make one, we found out it was only free until November 23. I guess our comics all have to get done before Thanksgiving, or it will cost us $9 per student!


  2. I can imagine every student would have a blast working with comic strips like you mentioned it is something fun and different for everyone! Coming up with fun activities such as these is very important to keep the kids interested and wanting to learn. Great post!


  3. Bitmoji is an interesting tool to try to integrate into a classroom, but I could see how it might be done! There’s a lot to be said for visual mediums being able to, perhaps, better communicate emotions more concisely than words; personalized avatars such as Bitmoji might be a fun way to interact and express thoughts and emotions.


  4. I like the idea of using the comic strips in classrooms, but it can also just be a time suck. Unless there is a purpose for them then there is no reason to do them. I tried Bitmoji and I thought it was kind of pointless because of how few options for customization there were.


    1. I also thought the same thing about the bitmoji’s but I thought it would be cool for the kids to create their own and then I could print them off and I could then put their name on the one they created and place it on the work board. Then they can see everyone’s.


  5. Your idea of teaching cursive through a comic strip is very interesting! I would have never thought of that but I think it would keep your students very engaged and it would be fun too. Thank you for sharing your ideas.


  6. I love the way you plan on using this comic strip idea for your class and teaching. I also loved the way you visualized your cursive teaching. The comic strip you used reminded me a lot of Harry Potter for some reason, but I absolutely loved it!


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