Digital storytelling

When I was reading the first article about What Teens are learning from ‘Serial’ and other Podcasts. I thought that it was very interesting that a teacher would use a public radio podcast in his classroom. That to me seemed very gusty. Also I think that it’s a good thing that the students are learning something when they are using the podcast. I thought that the article was very helpful and I enjoyed reading it.

I thought it was good that when the teachers in the article used the podcast that the students were learning. That is something that you don’t hear everyday. I think that when using a podcast to teach your students is a great way to find which motor skills work for each of your students. This will help some of your students that need to listen when teaching them something and they learn by listening. Others it will help them understand what you are teaching them. I think that teaching with a podcast is a great way to change up the classroom work. Your students are always focused on books and worksheets, but if you through in a podcast a few times I bet that every teacher will see a jump in their students with how well they are listening to you. Some disadvantages that I would think there would be is that your students are just going to want to listen to podcast instead of learning a different way. Another disadvantage would be that your students don’t like learning from podcast and they get nothing out of it. So really it’s a win, win for everyone kind of. Your students are either going to like it or they are going to dislike it.

The other article that I read was Teacher’s guide to digital storytelling. I think that it’s cool that digital storytelling can help students define clear understanding of problems and also help them with discipline and help organize thoughts clearer. I know that when I was in high school my senior year we had to make a video for a class as a group. Let me tell you there was only about seven of us in this senior class. So when making a digital story it was a little hard coming up with something, but we did it and our teacher like it. We almost got to show it at our graduation, but that didn’t happen because our advisor told us that there were some parts that she didn’t like in it. I think that digital storytelling is a great way for all students to express themselves.

I think that digital storytelling can really help in an English classroom. It would help the students be themselves and create something that really shows what they are thinking.

Some things that surprised me about both of the articles that i had read was that they both are ways that students can learn. That is something that we as future teachers need to remember. digitalstorytelling


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