As I was working on my ILP this week. I thought to myself how it has been helping me out when I write my signature. I also have noticed that it’s helping when I write just normally. I am taking my time more when I write something. Also when I asked my roommate if she would help me with this. The look I got from her was like are you crazy. She said that nobody can read her handwriting now and what makes me think that someone is going to be able to read it when I write it in cursive. I have enjoyed relearning and also reteaching myself about cursive. I think that by reteaching myself about cursive is helping me when I become a teacher and if I teach my students then I will be able to teach them more effectively.

I think that when writing in cursive it’s kind of like a stress reliever, because I’m having to focus on each letter and making them the correct way. Also if I miss spell a word then I will be able to see it better. We were talking in one of my classes that if you read or even change the font on something that you write you will see your mistakes. I think that also goes for when you write something on paper. I have written a paper just on plan lines paper and didn’t check my errors then I had a teacher look at it and that teacher caught my mistakes and then had me read it and had me look at it again but backwards and I saw the errors that she saw. I think when it comes to writing you should be able to write in either print or in cursive. Most of our teachers that we have and even our professors write in cursive. So with learning how to write in cursive will help you read it better and know what the teacher is saying.


4 thoughts on “ILP

  1. Yours is still one of my favorite ILPs in the class. I think what you’re doing is super creative and cool. I think it will help in the classroom too. I like that it’s almost a stress reliever. Kind of like creating art or being creative. Your writing looks great. Keep up the hard work.


  2. I can really see your progress each week. I don’t think I could write a full sentence in cursive anymore, which is very sad but true. Great work, hope you see even more progress these next few weeks!


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