Classroom Metaphor

When thinking of what I could do for my classroom metaphor. I really wanted to express something that would help with hands on students. So I was brainstorming ideas that could work. I came up with a couple of them, but the one that I thought would really work is art studio on the classroom.

With the art studio idea I thought that kids could work on homework with using colors or even paint their homework. This way we aren’t just using a pencil we are doing things in color. This will also help hands on students they can finger paint and be able to fell the paint and see that its cold and has a different texture than what pencils or crayons have.

I want my classroom to feel like an art studio because it will help students become more creative and they will also be able to work with different art supplies to do their homework. I think having an open mind and being creative is one thing that I will make sure is happening in my classroom. I don’t want no student to not understand something or not be able to come up with an idea for a project. Having a creative mine and being creative are two different things. Not everyone is creative. So for my students that need a little help with the creativeness this is a way that will help them.

My ideal classroom would be set up so that the students don’t face my desk they will be facing the whiteboard. Then in the back of the room not to class to my desk will be station that they will be able to work at that will help them have an open mind and that they can be creative. That were they “art studio” will be at. I think that this will help them students, because it won’t be set up like a normal classroom would be. I would have different stations each quarter that represented a different thing in an art studio.

Hyper linked is my digital story that I did about the art studio. I hope that you guys like it. I added some pictures in there so it wouldn’t be so dull. Since its all about being creative and having an open mind. I know that it was hard for me at first to come up with something to do my digital storytelling over, but once I figured something out it was easy to roll with it.


Reflection on ILP

What I learned about doing the Independent learning project is that it would be great to do with like this in my classroom if I have third grade or even fourth grade. I think that if you do anything younger they might not understand what they are supposed to do. I also learned that when you pick something for Independent learning project that it should be something that nobody else has done before and that you are willing to put forth the time to do it.

It wasn’t easy trying to stay motivated when working on my ILP, because it was something that I haven’t done and that meant I need to get right into things and figure out what I was going to do and also how I was going to make sure that I kept doing it. I know that some other people probably had harder ones than me, but trying to reteach yourself how to write in cursive isn’t very easy. I don’t always write in cursive so this was a challenge for me. Also making sure I did research to what I was doing and things that I said, like when I said in one of my blogs that there are states that still do cursive. I had to research and find those states. I didn’t want to give people unknown facts or facts that weren’t true. I would say that my independent learning project was very challenging. I was looking up on google most of the time how to write a certain letter in cursive, because I either didn’t remember or I just need to refresh my memory on how to right that letter. I know some of the letters were more challenging than others. I thought that when writing out an entire sentence was going to be easy, but it wasn’t I had to take my time and make sure you could tell what letters were what.

The best part about this project was that I just retaught myself something that I did when I was in either third or maybe fourth grade. Now I will be able to teach my students in the future. I think that with teaching students how to do this it will be easier for them to sign their names and if they have to write something out in cursive it will be easier as well. I thought this projects was a great way to reteach your mind. I really enjoyed working on this project and I’m going to try and keep writing in cursive so I don’t forget how.

Online creation tools

When I was looking at the two articles that we had to read and all the different things that each of them had on there. I knew what a few of them were. I think for my independent learning project I’m going to try and create a comic strip that will show how students learn how to use cursive. I think that it will be a fun and interesting way in showing how to use cursive. For each of the word bubbles I will write things out in cursive just so show my progress and how I have been working on getting better. Then I might as friend to do maybe just a two different bubbles and then we will be able to compare their cursive to mine cursive.

I thought that by using a comic strip I could use that in my classroom when teaching different things to students. We could make it look like the people in the comic strip are learning the exact same thing as what we are learning or something that we may learn later on. Something that was challenging about doing a comic strip I think is going to be able to find or draw well enough that people understand what I’m trying to do. Also I think that it’s going to be challenging just trying to make a comic strip. I don’t know if I will use the app or if I will go and print off a template and draw in my pictures on the template. Then I will be able to write in cursive on the piece of paper and just take a picture and post it in my blog or on twitter for everyone to see. Something else that is going to be challenging is that I don’t have a Mac so when I clicked on the comic book app one I would have to pay $2.99 for it and also download itunes on my computer. So I went to the app store on my phone and found a comic book app that was free to use. I didn’t find one that I could make a comic strip. So I think I’m just going to print one off for when I use it for my independent learning project. But I did however make a Bitstrip. I made myself a bitmoji. I think these things are so cool. My friends and I all have one and so do my parents and brother. We send them to each other all the time. I would use bitmoji in my classroom to allow my students to make of there own on their Ipads that are give to them by the school.

bitmojiI thought that this really showed cursive and also how back then they also used feathers for writing.

Digital storytelling

When I was reading the first article about What Teens are learning from ‘Serial’ and other Podcasts. I thought that it was very interesting that a teacher would use a public radio podcast in his classroom. That to me seemed very gusty. Also I think that it’s a good thing that the students are learning something when they are using the podcast. I thought that the article was very helpful and I enjoyed reading it.

I thought it was good that when the teachers in the article used the podcast that the students were learning. That is something that you don’t hear everyday. I think that when using a podcast to teach your students is a great way to find which motor skills work for each of your students. This will help some of your students that need to listen when teaching them something and they learn by listening. Others it will help them understand what you are teaching them. I think that teaching with a podcast is a great way to change up the classroom work. Your students are always focused on books and worksheets, but if you through in a podcast a few times I bet that every teacher will see a jump in their students with how well they are listening to you. Some disadvantages that I would think there would be is that your students are just going to want to listen to podcast instead of learning a different way. Another disadvantage would be that your students don’t like learning from podcast and they get nothing out of it. So really it’s a win, win for everyone kind of. Your students are either going to like it or they are going to dislike it.

The other article that I read was Teacher’s guide to digital storytelling. I think that it’s cool that digital storytelling can help students define clear understanding of problems and also help them with discipline and help organize thoughts clearer. I know that when I was in high school my senior year we had to make a video for a class as a group. Let me tell you there was only about seven of us in this senior class. So when making a digital story it was a little hard coming up with something, but we did it and our teacher like it. We almost got to show it at our graduation, but that didn’t happen because our advisor told us that there were some parts that she didn’t like in it. I think that digital storytelling is a great way for all students to express themselves.

I think that digital storytelling can really help in an English classroom. It would help the students be themselves and create something that really shows what they are thinking.

Some things that surprised me about both of the articles that i had read was that they both are ways that students can learn. That is something that we as future teachers need to remember. digitalstorytelling



As I was working on my ILP this week. I thought to myself how it has been helping me out when I write my signature. I also have noticed that it’s helping when I write just normally. I am taking my time more when I write something. Also when I asked my roommate if she would help me with this. The look I got from her was like are you crazy. She said that nobody can read her handwriting now and what makes me think that someone is going to be able to read it when I write it in cursive. I have enjoyed relearning and also reteaching myself about cursive. I think that by reteaching myself about cursive is helping me when I become a teacher and if I teach my students then I will be able to teach them more effectively.

I think that when writing in cursive it’s kind of like a stress reliever, because I’m having to focus on each letter and making them the correct way. Also if I miss spell a word then I will be able to see it better. We were talking in one of my classes that if you read or even change the font on something that you write you will see your mistakes. I think that also goes for when you write something on paper. I have written a paper just on plan lines paper and didn’t check my errors then I had a teacher look at it and that teacher caught my mistakes and then had me read it and had me look at it again but backwards and I saw the errors that she saw. I think when it comes to writing you should be able to write in either print or in cursive. Most of our teachers that we have and even our professors write in cursive. So with learning how to write in cursive will help you read it better and know what the teacher is saying.


I started by reading Simplify the Internet. When reading that something caught my eye it was the words-it never ends, and our connection to it is consuming more and more of our time. This caught my eye because how it talks about the Internet and how it is consuming more and more of our time. That to me is very true. When you look at someone that hasn’t had the internet there entire life they are the people that grew up with typewriters and used snail mail to communicate with people. Now a days all we would have to do is either get on our Facebook page and send someone a message or we could even get on our email and email that person. Also we are getting to the point where we are trying to go paperless. What that means is everything is now on the computers. This site also had a list of complications that made people demand their time on. The list that they have kind of surprised me with some of the things that they have on there. One of the things that they have on there is tools for learning like Code Academy, Khan Academy, Duolingo  .

Disconnecting from tech for three days-

This title caught my eye and I wanted to know more about it. I think that it’s going to be interesting to see how teens did being disconnected from tech for three days. I wonder how many of us could be disconnected from our tech devices for three days. When reading this article something stuck out to me when I read the first paragraph and how it said that many adults could remember when they didn’t have digital devices and that in the younger era it would be hard for them to give it up and actually socialize. It would show all kinds of emotions.  I think that it would be hard for our generation to go three days without a device. I know it would be hard for me, because then I wouldn’t be able to call my mom whenever I wanted to and I also couldn’t text her. I know when I was growing up I always talked with my friends and we always talked about what kind of phones we would want to get. Well then some of those friends had phones before me and that made me feel really sad.

Ted Talk: Paul Miller. Paul had disconnected from the internet for a year. He was 26 when he had done that. He had felt very overwhelming. He was 12 when he first started using the internet. I thought that his talk about quitting the internet was very interesting. I think that if you are feeling very overwhelmed or something that you feel you don’t have time for then you should stop doing what you are doing.

How the internet uses me is that I use the internet to help me come up with lesson plan ideas and also I can stay connect to people that I don’t really see all the time.


Daily create week 3

Week 3

I know this is a bit late, but I was working on it and had to finish it. Hope that you all like what I did with my daily creates

Streetview or interesting spot in the world that you may never visit. For mine I picked a street view in Florida. Because I have never been there and I don’t know when I will be able to go.

Monday: 10-24








Tuesday 10-25

Trip to the moon


Wednesday 10-26


Thursday 10-27-activating Fleming college

Don’t do it! Learn it! Learn better by interacting and having hands on material. #diglitclass

Friday 10-28: finish the sentence

A dentist is found dead in a locked room. Next to her is a grand piano and a courageous orc. Can you explain what happened?

The dentist was a grand piano player and was very courageous what she did. She died of a heart attack doing what she loved best.

Saturday 10-29:cute clowns


Sunday 10-30:

Language: Japanese
Meaning: The interplay between light and leaves when sunlight shines through trees.